Best smartphone for your money — 6.05 inches, good hardware, triple camera

Best smartphone for your money — 6.05 inches, good hardware, triple camera Smartphone manufacturer OPPO has released a new model called Reno 3S. Whether this is a good model depends on your point of view. For example, some people see a triple camera. Others are satisfied with the 6.05-inch display. The manufacturers have equipped the device with a powerful processor, and some forget about the main camera. The design of the device is quite interesting. Let's talk about iron in more detail. A fingerprint scanner is built into the screen, and the location of the NFC module is also quite pleasing. A large slot is provided for two nano-SIM cards. Let's talk about iron in more detail. Technical specifications of the device:The processor. The eight-core MediaTek Helio P70 is currently an excellent processor for a large number of smartphones. It will be able to easily cope with all modern tasks, and will be able to do so in a future update. The screen. 6.05 inches with a resolution of 1600x720 pixels. The screen has a decent margin of brightness, but it is not particularly needed. It is better to expect something more high-quality.RAM. The amount of RAM is 4 GB: the standard and without surprises. The system will not be loaded with demanding games, but applications do not it will be difficult to pick up the maximum graphics settings.Built-in memory. With built-in memory, things are more or less predictable: 64 GB. But with such volumes, you can forget about a serious shortage. It is worth remembering about memory cards, so that the smartphone doesn't "drop" during operation.The camera. The main camera has the following indicators: 16 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP. The quality of photos is quite good, and even in low light conditions (in the dark) you can see the "wow" effect. In addition, the "naked" selfie camera has an 18 MP front camera.NFC. The function of contactless payment is also present here. And it's good that there is an NFC chip!Battery. The battery capacity is 5020 mAh: the standard indicator for most devices. But the manufacturer has equipped the model with a higher power, so that the smartphone has up to 7 hours of battery life. And if this is not enough, then the option of fast charging of the model will come to the rescue.ResultsOPPO Reno 3S can easily be called one of the best smartphone for your money. The performance of the device justifies its cost. A Quad camera module that can "drop" even in low light conditions, a good amount of memory, and a good amount of RAM. In addition, the smartphone has a good battery, which is not always found in competitors with Snapdragon 865. The model will be a good choice for those who love to play